The Effects of Physiotherapy on the ROM of Rotary Cuff Repair

    Introduction             Rotator cuff injuries (RCI) are those that have a direct impact on shoulder range of motion (ROM) (Houck et al. 2017). Individuals with rotator cuff related injuries have trouble with abduction and flexion of the shoulder (Houck et al. 2017). RCI can be divided into two categories; partial and complete tears (Zhang et al. 2017). In a partial tear the tear is either on the synovial-side or bursal-side (Zhang et al. 2017). Complete tears can be separated into transverse or longitudinal tears (Zhang et al. 2017). Pain can result from a shoulder abduction of 70-120 degrees. If left untreated RCI can reduce the overall quality of one’s life.             There remains a debate of which rehabilitative method works best at improving overall range of motion after arthroscopic repair. The ever-growing cost in medical expenses makes rehabilitations options such as physical therapy out of reach for many without healthcare. Other options include